A golfing paradise in the heart of Bavaria

By Dara Browne  

Nestled in the heart of Bavaria, Germany, is the perfect place for golf fanatics and those who love great golf courses and the clear blue waters of the swimming pools.  

The one of a kind resort gets its name from the region’s legendary waters, the German word ‘quelle’ meaning ‘spring.’ These springs are famed for their healing properties and known to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors annually for its unparalleled combination of health, wellness, golf, business and sports.
Quellness Golf Resort is one of the most unique and highly developed golf resorts in the world, combining both luxury and sport to make for the perfect trip away.
Whether you’re going by yourself for a quick getaway or with the whole family, there’s something for everybody in this spectacular nook of Germany.

St. Wolfgang golf course Uttlau_green 12_VS83889

St. Wolfgang Golf Course

This high-class golf resort was host to the European Tour Events from 2013-2017 and is suited not only for golf, but for business as well, with 16 conference and meeting rooms. There is also a hall that caters for up to 1,000 people.
There are a total of 10 golf courses at the resort, including five 18-hole Championship golf courses, a six-hole kids golf course, and extensive training facilities, including a 360-degree driving range with a 72-hole outdoor putting area and an 18-hole indoor putting centre.
From rolling hills to flat ground, both can be enjoyed whether on one of the 129 fairways or taking a scenic walk along the Nordic grounds. Designer and world-class golfer Bernhard Langer, is the creator of three of the exquisite courses.
For those players who want to fine-tune their game and finesse their skills, PGA golf academy offers extensive practice facilities and a variety of five courses for golfers of all skill-levels. The resort, home to the most successful golf school in the world, allows you to get to know and start golfing in a playful and exciting way using perfect practice facilities within a friendly and open environment.

Allianz Nickolmann golf course Brunnwies _VS83601-03
Allianz Nickolmann Golf Course 

Allianz Nickolmann Golf Course Brunnwies, designed by Bernhard Langer, is one of the top 20 courses in Europe. This hilly courses offers both a challenge for good golfers and beautiful scenes for walkers. Langer also designed Beckenbauer Golf Course, which features more complicated challenges and an array of water obstacles.
St. Wolfgang Golf Course Uttlau was designed by German architect Kurt Rossknecht and is an idyllic, level fairway with long drives into the valley and water obstacles along the way.
Lederbach Golf Course, also designed by Rossknecht features an impressive backdrop of the Alps.
Porsche Golf Course  is the last of the three courses designed by Langer and is another idyllic, flat course, perfect for a leisurely game.
Quellness offers two state-of-the-art golf simulators, meaning that guests can play amazing courses indoors throughout the whole year without limitations due to weather conditions.
For a first-class view of the greens, there is a 5-star and two 4-star hotels and three boutique golf estates; Uttlau, Brunnwies, and Penning.


Uttlau is a 400-year old renovated four-sided courtyard with 35 generous cottage-style rooms. Brunnwies is perfectly suited for the young up and coming golfers, 25 generous Junior and Senior suites with a sauna with a built-in samarium.
All of the hotels, Maximilian (5-star), Fuerstenhof (4-star) and Das Ludwig (4-star) have wellness facilities in particular, thermal pools and thermal healing water.
All of the accommodation offer wifi, and pool and spa facilities for the ultimate relaxation experience after a long day of exploring the grounds.
The two 4-star hotels have over 100 rooms each, while the 5-star hotel has 194 rooms. Each hotel includes suites, family rooms and features facilities for full-time childcare.
Outdoor and indoor thermal spas, relaxation rooms, whirlpools and sauna are among the many spa features in the resort. The spa facilities are just what you need to rejuvenate and ready yourself for another full day of leisure.

Fuerstenhof_indoor thermal pool

For those who are looking for something other than gold, Quellness Golf Resort has activities ranging from day trips to horse riding to bicycle tours, and is suited for both adults and children.

Quellness is an ideal location for day trips to any sort of place you choose; cities, churches, nature, and small markets which can be enjoyed by people of all ages and families.
Passau, a beautiful rock town 20 minutes away from Quellness, offers stunning views of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers alongside St. Stephan’s cathedral and many other idyllic buildings.
There are 17 marked routes for walking and hiking, covering 150m around the resort. Among the routes are 12 multi-faceted bicycle tours which range from 17km to 50km in length. Bicycles are available to rent in the Quellness resort.
If cycling is not for you, the resort also offers guided riding tours and swimming classes for both children and adults.
Bavaria is home to nearly 13 million inhabitants, and is located in the southeast of Germany. It is the largest of the 16 states of Germany and covers almost one-fifth of the total land area of Germany.
Whether you’re a golfer, a historian, a business woman, or a family man, this resort caters to your every need and want. Quellness Golf Resort enriches everything that is good about Bavaria, from the picturesque scenes across the green and walking routes, to the surrounding culture and character in the neighbouring cities.

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