Arnaud Serie, one of the world's best trick shot artists joins our Irish content team

By Linton Walsh

The game of golf is changing, the way the game is played, the way we practice and the way we watch it on television. It’s opening up to a new generation who now see it as a fun sport and one they would like to try.

Some would say we are losing part of the tradition of golf but most would say that we need to lose some of the traditions of the game, for the game to grow.

Technology is playing a key role in this evolution and as we saw last Sunday in The Match: Champions For Charity at Medalist Golf Club, having the players and caddies mic’d up, doing mid-round interviews, racing drone coverage of shots, more statistical information before shots and post-round player compilation videos all added to the entertainment and that’s the future for the game.

Golf will become more entertaining because it must.

We can see the trend on social media, a trick shot is more likely to go viral than a lesson on bunker play. Why? Because it’s fun, amazing and entertaining to watch. A new door for golf to attract a new generation to the game.

Nine years ago, during the Irish Open In Killarney, the European Tour placed a nine-inch gong in the middle of a lake in The Gap of Dunloe 200 yards from shore and David Howell, Paul McGinley, Marcel Siem and Rhys Davies had to skim a ball across the lake and try and hit it.

The video went on their social media platforms and over four million people watched it on YouTube alone. Check it out:

Clearly, golf, social media and fun are a marriage made in heaven.

Over the last number of years trick shots artists have come to the fore. In the US, the Bryan Brothers, Dude Perfect, Coach Rusty and Tania Tare are literally house hold names, all with a massive following on social media which makes them very relevant. They all amaze, they all have fun, they all entertain and through them, the next generation are taking up the game.

In Europe, we have a trick shot artist from France called Arnaud Serie. Arnaud is 31 years old, born in Paris and has over 80,000 followers on his social media channels. He was recently recognised as one of the world’s top digital influences at this years PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.

Upon leaving school, Arnaud went to the Merkure Business School and then to Tampere University of Applied Sciences where he attained a Bachelor’s degree before earning a Master’s degree at the IPAG Business School.

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He currently works in the banking industry for LCL, as Head of Mission Innovation - Department for Strategy, Transformation & Innovation. His father also works in the banking sector and his mother works in the insurance industry but neither plays golf!

“I started golf when I was 20" says Arnaud," My best friend who’s a golf coach taught me and I just loved it! Now I’m better than him (haha), I'm a golf addict, especially when it comes to trick-shots and creating online content. I do this in order to grow the game of golf around the world.

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“My main audience is on Instagram with about 50k golfers following me. The content I make is engaging because it shows the fun side of the golf game and that's what people want to see.

“I try to create and make short videos in order to catch people's attention, golfers or non-golfers and growing the game my way. However, I stay authentic on my page and what you see is what I am.

"In France, golf is not really popular and kinda old school, I want to make it as fun as possible and encourage people of all ages to play golf! I want to promote my sport around the world in order to attract the next generation of golfers. Moreover, I really enjoy working in the field because the sport has given me so much in the past, and it's my way of enjoying and sharing my love for the sport.”

Arnaud has now teamed up with Golf Digest.ie and we will be posting trick shots every Tuesday specifically for our Irish readers. He had planned a ‘bucket list’ trip to these shores in the summer but due to the COVID-19 pandemic had to cancel. 

So what is the attraction to Ireland? According to Arnaud, “Growing up in Paris was like growing up in a big city, it’s great because you get to meet lot of people from different countries and different cultures. I met many people from Ireland and now some of my best friends are Irish. I like the culture and I think Irish people can appreciate what I do and I know we can have lots of fun together”

Guess what? it’s Tuesday so here’s another taste of what’s to come:


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