The 40-yard Pitch Shot Doesn't Need To Be So Scary

By Keely Levins  

Thirty to 40 yards away from the green: Also known as, the worst yardage ever. Chunk, skull, blade, shank -- any miss is possible from this distance.

Since you’re probably going to have to face this yardage in about 24 hours, we wanted to give you a few tips to help you through it.

Former PGA Tour player and swing instructor Stan Utley says that one common mistake people usually make when approaching this shot is using too much arms, and not enough body. You have basically no chance of making good contact with the ball if you’re just slapping your arms at it.


To successfully hit this shot, Utley instructs the following:

Start by taking a slightly closed stance.

When you’re taking the club back hinge your wrists a little, with the handle staying fairly close to you.

Make sure you turn your body back.

On the downswing, turn it back through.

Finish with level hips.

Your hands should be close to your belt, and the butt of the club close to your left pocket (for right handed golfers).

When your clubhead speed is generated by turning your body, instead of by throwing your hands, you make a much more consistent swing and will have better contact.

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