Using adjustable hosels and countless movable-weight settings, equipment designers have been trying to invent the perfect driver that could fit everyone. Turns out even with the infinite possibilities of adjustability, drivers can never be one-size-fits-all. Highly specialised models are the best way to address your shortcomings.

That’s why this year’s Hot List features almost as many drivers targeting anti-slice needs as it does those touting low spin for tour-level swing speeds. The same inner workings that benefit the skills of the best of us transmogrify to remedy the flaws in the worst of us—all without sacrificing looks. Titanium faces are uniquely engineered for each loft, and driver crowns are lighter so that more weight can be repositioned one way for one kind of golfer and the opposite way for another.

Even adjustability can be tailored to a scratch golfer’s flight window and the hack’s barn door. This progress has shown us that though the big hit is back, the big miss is fading. The search for a driver built only for you just got easier.