PXG 0311 T GEN3 gold

PXG 0311 T GEN3

The Verdict:

 Luxury is a word synonymous with PXG, a company that caters to golfers for whom price isn’t really a consideration. However, such an audience still needs to be persuaded by performance. The key to achieving this is the addition of an interior design in which a soft polymer reduces unwanted vibrations and stores energy that is transferred to the ball for more distance. This is coupled with a firmer polymer behind the face that adds structural integrity. The HT1770 maraging-steel face, already thin at 1.5 millimeters (about the thickness of a dime), features a channel around the perimeter internally that is only 1.2 millimeters, producing even more rebound.

The body is forged from soft 8620 carbon steel and goes through a five-step forging process to accommodate the complex body geometry of the iron. The company’s hallmark lightweight titanium and heavier tungsten weights remain, optimizing the center of gravity and moment of inertia (the club’s stability). The specs are identical to its predecessor, and the head size and sole bounce are similar, too. The topline—as one might expect on a tour model—is slightly thinner, and a number of custom-shaft offerings are available.


 7-iron: 32 degrees; PW: 46 degrees







Low-Handicapper You get a lot of positive feedback at impact. It helps you believe you can play the shot that is in your brain. Fairly easy to hit, too.
Mid-Handicapper Very good sound and feedback from the clubface. Definitely longer than average.
High-Handicapper The topline looks amazing. Exactly what you want to see at address. High launching with plenty of forgiveness.