U.S. Open 2021: Bryson DeChambeau appears to jump into camera frame during Brooks Koepka interview

By Christopher Powers  

By Golffile

From everything we've seen and heard, it's become quite clear that Brooks Koepka is leaning all the way in to this so-called feud with Bryson DeChambeau, while DeChambeau seemingly wants no part of it. However, another rogue Golf Channel clip taking social media by storm has poked a hole in that theory. 

Following a strong first-round two-under 69, Koepka met with his old buddy Todd Lewis, who famously couldn't help but cackle at Brooksy's eye-roll seen 'round the world at Kiawah. Once again, before the interview began, DeChambeau happened to be walking by in the camera frame, only this time he was far enough away to go undetected. Also, there was no click clack of the spikes, as he was walking on grass.
DeChambeau, who shot a two-over 73 Thursday, did make his presence felt in the form of a leap and hand raise, making sure he was seen in his red-striped shirt. Watch carefully:   


Funnily enough, Koepka sort of dismissed the whole saga immediately after his first round, opting to go the "I'm only worried about me" route, which has worked well so far for him. If he sees this clip, though, he may be singing a very different tune on Friday. He doesn't tee off until 1:14 p.m. local time, giving him ample opportunity to scroll social media and come across this video. And now ... we wait. 

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