Phil Mickelson hits famous flop shot over Steph Curry, causes mass panic for Warriors fans

By Christopher Powers  

With Steph Curry fully healthy and back in the fold a season ago, the Golden State Warriors, at times, looked like the Golden State Warriors again. They failed to make the postseason, but things are looking up in 2022 (Vegas has them as one of the top three favourites to win the NBA Finals).

The last and I mean LAST thing Warriors fans needed right now was another freak injury to one of their stars like they've dealt with with both Curry and Klay Thompson the last few seasons. On Friday, though, Curry said to hell with that, opting to stand in front of Phil Mickelson as he explained how he was going to hit his famous flop shot over Curry's head.

 Another, equally terrifying angle for your viewing nightmares:

That sound you heard was a loud, collective PHEW in the Bay. Curry made it out alive, just like every other person who has stood in front of Phil's famous flop. The man is like a doctor when it comes to the flop shot - "Just trust me on this one." The day he finally hits someone on accident is the day he needs to retire, and luckily that day is not today. 

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