Mental Health Project in association with the Matt Palmer Trust

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It can be hard to spot the signs of mental ill-health in friends and colleagues, and harder still to raise the subject with them. This expert advice might make it easier. The IGCMA (Irish Golf & Club Managers Association) and GCSAI (Golf Course Superintendents Association of Ireland) are involved in a pilot project with the Matt Palmer Trust to highlight, recognise, and help those in the Golf Industry who may be suffering from mental health issues.  

The pandemic has exacerbated many issues that have always existed in the industry. Loneliness, the pressure of work, lack of support and so on.

This 2- day, online seminar and education program, is designed to teach those who have management responsibility in the industry, to recognise the signals and indicators that staff are or have developed, Mental health issues and how to deal with them. The program will run on January 18th and 19th. It is open to professional managers in the golf industry. 

Designed and supported by the Trust, set up in memory of Matt Palmer (brother of Jon Palmer Director of Golf for the Grange Golf Club Dublin) who unfortunately took his own life 7 years ago, this is a first step in what the golf industry hopes will be an ongoing productive, informative and life-changing program for many in the staff and members in the industry.  

Should you require further information please contact Michael F Walsh CCM, Executive Officer of the IGCMA, Email: 

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