Butch Harmon feels Rory will win the Masters...and more than once

Sean O'Shea  

Butch Harmon

Butch Harmon believes it is only a matter of time before Rory McIlroy wins the Masters. 

The Golf Digest Ireland teaching professional recently stated in his Sky Sports column, "I don’t see how Rory can’t win as his game is suited for it and it’s the one he wants to win - I think if he can just relax and allow himself to play golf, then as World No 1, to say he’s never going to win the Masters is ridiculous. I think for sure he’ll win it and when he wins one, he’ll win more than one.”

The 76-year-old went on to say that if the Masters goes ahead at a later date then the Ryder Cup should too. “I thought it was interesting when they decided not to cancel the Masters, just to postpone it - It sure would be nice to have it, but I think we’ll just have to wait and see."

“I think if we are able to play golf then we should play the Ryder Cup, we should play The Open and play all the events we can, if and when the severity of this terrible virus passes. Unfortunately, none of us know when that is. They’ve talked about cancelling the Olympics, so who knows what’s going to happen and we’re all up in the air."

“I think the most important thing is get everybody around the world safe and then we can get sports back to being sports, which bring everybody together and give people some joy in some hard times.”


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