Limited Edition CODECHAOS Unites Golfers with all Athletes Preparing for Tokyo in 2021


Limited Edition CODECHAOS

Exactly one year from today, thousands of the world’s best athletes – including 120 golfers – will finally be in Tokyo to get their chance at competing for a coveted spot on the podium. That means they have one more year to stay ready…which means one more workout, one more lap, one more rep, or one more bucket of balls.

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adidas is commemorating this moment by uniting athletes and fans everywhere through a special capsule –the TOKYO Collection – made up of 41 footwear silhouettes across 19 sports, all purposefully designed in a signal pink colourway meant to connect athletes without words. While the footwear was originally intended to be worn in Tokyo by all adidas athletes during their respective events this year, the repurposed collection now unites this same community in a different way as they continue to train and inspire in preparation for 2021.

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Every shot begins with a confident stance. Along with notable style, the adidas CodeChaos shoes set you up for a solid foundation and full-round comfort for shaving strokes on every hole. Set your stance with confidence as you read the course and make the shot. Enjoy dry feet from tee-off to clubhouse and keep your focus on the game.

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As part of this collection adidas Golf is releasing a limited edition CODECHAOS model in this signal pink colourway for both men (€149.95/£129.95) and women (€139.95/£119.95). CODECHAOS, announced earlier this year, challenges the definition of what a golf shoe can be by mixing the perfect blend of comfort and performance in a sleek and athletic silhouette.

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