Arccos partners with grip maker SuperStroke to release the company's latest product

By Mike Stachura  

Arccos, the stat-tracking platform that uses grip sensors and artificial intelligence to analyse individual golfer’s rounds and tendencies, expanded its offerings to fill a gap in its putter compatibility.

In cooperation with grip maker SuperStroke, Arccos unveiled an adapter that allows its sensors to work with the company’s CounterCore and Traxion putter grips. SuperStroke’s Countercore grips allow the user to counterbalance their putter grips with a weight that fits in the butt of the grip.

That weight prevented the Arccos sensor’s post from screwing securely on the top of the grip. Likewise, the SuperStroke Traxion putter grips feature a “Tech Port” that allows for counterbalancing the grip.

The new multi-piece Arccos grip accessory features a tightening wrench that allows the sensor and counterweight to be secured.


“The Arccos community is passionate about harnessing the latest innovations to improve their on-course performance, which is exactly why a large number of our users choose SuperStroke Traxion putter grips with a Tech-Port,” said Sal Syed, Arccos CEO and Co-Founder. “We’re thrilled to add this product to our growing portfolio of offerings, including those developed in partnership with leading global brands like Cobra Puma Golf, PING and Microsoft.”

SuperStroke has also announced a limited-time offer providing a Traxion putter grip featuring a Tech-Port along with the new accessory.

“For more than a decade we’ve pushed the innovation envelope and are continuing along that path through this collaboration with Arccos,” said Dean Dingman, CEO of SuperStroke USA. “We’re happy to provide Arccos Caddie users with an integrated solution for connecting a smart sensor to our performance-driven putter grips.”


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